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According to the formula v = f lambda, T = 2 * pi / w, w = 2 * pi * f, that is, the relationship between the period and the frequency, so that the voltage and current frequency of the normal spectrum of LED luminescence can be achieved. Purple light has the highest frequency and red light has the lowest frequency. You can check it on the Internet. By the way, what is three primary colors, namely three primary colors? Red, green and blue can produce different visual light according to different luminous brightness. For example, three primary colors produce yellow light according to intensity contrast. Three primary colors are red, green and blue. The corresponding wavelengths are 700nm, 546.1nm and 435.8nm respectively.

1. Corresponding wavelengths of different colors, the wavelength frequencies of red are about 625-740 nm, about 480-405 MHz orange, about 590-625 nm, about 510-480 MHz yellow, about 565-570 nm, about 530-510 MHz green, about 500-565 nm, about 600-530 MHz blue, about 620-600 MHz, about 440-485 nm. About 680 - 620 megahertz purple about 380 - 440 nm about 790 - 680 MHz

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