The purpose of building a smart city is to "be able to fully utilize information and communication technology to sense, analyze and integrate the key information of the core system of urban operation so as to respond intelligently to various needs, including people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, industrial and commercial activities, and to create a better environment for mankind." Good city life. Therefore, smart city needs a carrier of information collection, information dissemination and information transmission. Relying on the development ability of LED street lamp, LED display screen and hardware and software system integration, our company has successfully developed the really beautiful intelligent street lamp, whose performance has reached the international advanced level.

Product Description

Street lamp pole uses intelligent lamp pole design concept, patented profiles, slider type connection, easy disassembly, safe and reliable. One solution to lighting, monitoring, Wi-Fi and other issues. In response to the state. Build smart city, intelligent lighting. A smart pole designed and developed. It will also become an important carrier of the Internet of things and the era of big data. ​

Product Features

Product Parameters

Intelligent lighting

Honeycomb cooling technology

Street lamp power:60W-250W

Luminous flux:≥6000lm-25000lm

Color temperature:4000K/5000K

Protection grade:IP65

Working environment temperature:-40℃—+55℃

Voltage: wide voltage input

Embedded intelligent dimming module to achieve the two energy saving.

Information Delivery

Pixel spacing:3.0mm、4.0mm

Resolving power:576x192、432x144


refresh frequency:≥960Hz

Working environment temperature:-20℃—+50℃

Control and information transmission

Intelligent R & D, integrated screen control, lighting control, air collection, WiFi hotspot

information acquisition

1 million 300 thousand color outdoor camera, cloud platform control.

Integrated environmental detection sensor, real-time monitoring of PM2.5/ temperature / humidity / atmospheric pressure / wind speed / direction / noise

Integrated RFID reading head, equipped with RFID tag card, recording municipal equipment and personnel monitoring

Emergency supply

Embedded 7kW electric vehicle AC charging pile

Working voltage: 220AC, working current: 32A

Intelligent street lamp control software

Integrated intelligent lighting control, information collection, information dissemination and emergency calls and other functions.

To achieve linkage control of various devices, various scenarios can be preset.

To achieve historical data query, including lamp status, energy saving, environmental parameters and video data, etc.

Realizing automatic alarm function of various emergency abnormal states

Realizing density detection of human and vehicle flow

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