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Naming method of lamp holder and lampholder

1 scope this standard specifies the naming method of lamp holders and lampholders for electric light sources.

2One of the purposes of this symbolic system is to make each designated symbol short, readable, and helpful in demonstrating its purpose. The symbol system consists of letters, numbers and symbols, each of which has its own meaning. Each particular lamp holder and lamp holder should be named by only one symbol, and the symbol system cannot be used to identify the material used for the lamp holder. The parts of a symbol system should be directly linked without any voids or other delimited symbols. The complete symbol of the lamp holder is in the following form. Lamp holder symbol: (a) (b) (c) - (d) / (E) x (f) lamp holder symbol: (a) (b) (c) - (d)

Note: Abbreviated lamp caps can be used, but such abbreviations should not be misunderstood. The symbolic representation in front of the diagonal line in the lamp-holder symbol is very important for the interchangeability of a lamp-holder in response to a given lamp-holder. The specific part of the symbol is the same for the lamp holder and the lamp holder used. The section after the diagonal line in the lamp-holder symbol (if it exists) indicates some important dimensions of the lamp-holder, but these dimensions are not a necessary part of the lamp's Interchange requirements in the lamp-holder. However, this size is important for the interchangeability of lamp heads from different sources mounted on the same type of lamp. Note: In contrast to North American terminology, IEC terminology refers to the contacts and fixtures of headless lamps as "lamp ends".

The (a) part of the basic symbol consists of one or more uppercase letters indicating the type of lamp holder. Although the following letters indicate the lamp holder, they also have similar meanings for the lamp holders. B-jack lamp holder; BA-jack lamp holder, originally used for automotive lamps; BM-jack lamp holder for mine lamps; E-screw lamp holder; F-with a contact holder; lower case letters after the letter F denote different forms of contact, such as: A-for cylindrical pin; B-for socketed pin; C -- means a pin of special shape; G -- two or more protruding contacts, such as pins or terminal posts; K -- a lamp head with wire connectors; P -- prefocusing lamp head; R -- a lamp head with concave contacts; S -- shell lamp head -- holds the lamp head in the lamp holder without protruding parts; SV -- a lamp head with wire connectors; and The conical end of the shell lamp (V-shaped); T - telephone lamp; W - means that the lamp end, the lamp and lamp holder electrical contact directly through the surface of the lamp lead to complete, the lamp end glass (or other insulation material part) is essential for the installation of the lamp in the lamp holder. For a single lamp head that can replace the entire lamp end and symbolize the same interchangeability requirement, symbols can also be used. Note: Some of the earlier symbols were similar in shape to tapers, which led to the use of the letter "W". For example: E27-- screw lamp holder; F a4-- with a cylindrical pin type contact lamp holder. X -- If, according to the above rules, a lamp holder cannot be represented by a symbol, it is represented by a capital letter X plus a series of numbers. For example, X511-- has a glass lamp end with two separate metal flaps.

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