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The first stop in autumn is the ancient town "Enjoy the World". We will go all the way together and


16:07:16 Autumn First Stop Ancient Town "Enjoy the World"

Together, we will go far, and lead the future hand in hand! 6550


In October, there are two major performances in the lighting industry, the "Ancient Town Lighting Culture Festival" and the "Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Exhibition". The Ancient Town Lighting Culture Festival is held on October 22-28, while the Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Exhibition is held on October 27-30. Xiaobian mentions these two lighting banquets, no need to guess, I really beautiful will not miss every opportunity to show you lighting technology and strength quality. Yes, the two lighting exhibitions are really beautiful double banquets, because the two places are very close, so the two journeys will not be missed, which is a double surprise. !!!


My name is "Joseph".

Design Competition of Creative Lighting Sketches for the International Lighting Culture Festival of China Dengdu (Guzhen)

Location: Riverside Wetland Park, Zhongshan Ancient Town

Time: 10 / 22-28



Hong Kong Autumn International Lighting Exhibition - International Expo Hall

Hong Kong Exhibition: Hong Kong Victoria Harbour - Asia International Expo

Time: 10 / 26-29


China Lantern Capital (Ancient Town) International Lighting Culture Festival "Enjoy the World"

Today will officially open!

The most important thing is that today I can finally light my beloved lamp.

Vote for the winner

Don't wait. Now it's time to vote!

Every day can cast, cast, cast!

This time, we show two kinds of application-oriented small lamps and lanterns.

No. 74: Zhu Deng

No. 75: Wan Gu Qing

Remember to pay attention and vote for your winner!

Tell you a little secret

There are no eggs in the article.







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Read the original text and vote!


Ancient Town People's Square and Dengdu Ecological Wetland Park

For the two main venues,

The branch will be extended to the newly built Central Riverside Park.

Major sections of the town and major lighting stores.

And this fantastic lighting show will last until October 28, a total of seven days!

The ancient town is about to enter a gorgeous mode. The gorgeous lights and colorful auspicious clouds symbolizing good hope converge in Zhongshan ancient town, reflecting the graceful posture of the city.

Are you ready?



The Dream World of Ten Million Lamps

True and true in front of us

Really want to go to the scene to shoot!

This autumn, this week

Instead of envying, questioning and looking at others in the circle of friends,

Why not enjoy this incomparable light feast with true beauty?

Experience the Glorious World of Ancient Towns



If you are in a hurry to wash, wear a beautiful shirt first.

It's beautiful. I'll give it to you right away.

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The main venues of this festival are the People's Square of Ancient Town and the Eco-Wetland Park of Dengdu. The branch venues are extended to the newly built Central Riverside Wetland Park, the main sections of the town and the main lighting venues.


Collect it now!

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