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October lighting double banquet, Guangdong ZYM, never absent.


Countdown to lighting Festival Opening


Every day, we pay close attention to the latest developments of the festival of lights

Here comes fresh and fresh materials.

In October, there were two major events in the lighting industry, the "Old Town Lighting Culture Festival" and "Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Exhibition". The Old Town Lighting Culture Festival was held on October 22-28, while the Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Exhibition was held on October 27-30. The reason why Xiaobian mentions the two lighting banquets is not to guess, I really beautiful will not miss every opportunity to show you the quality of lighting technology and strength, yes, the two lighting exhibitions really beautiful double banquet, because the two places are very close, so that the two journeys will not be missed, this is simply double surprise. !!!!


My name is "Joseph".


China Light capital (ancient town) International Lighting Culture Festival Creative Lighting Design Competition

Venue: Zhongshan Ancient Town riverside Wetland Park.




Hongkong Autumn International Lighting Exhibition - International Expo Hall



Since the ancient town culture festival is the first

Today Xiaobian is lighting the corner of the mystic veil of light culture festival.

To show you the highlights of this year's lighting Festival.

"Let's see that this year's Zhongshan Ancient Town Cultural Festival is expected."

The bright lighting of the main venue has already taken shape.

Here's a live picture.


Lighting festival main venue

On Oct. 22, 2018, China Lights will usher in the International Lighting Culture Festival (Guzhen) Creative Lighting Sketch Design Competition. From an international perspective, this event will combine the top innovative design, cutting-edge light and film technology with the local characteristic culture, and present a brilliant and fantastic, dazzling light and shadow art feast. The grand curtain will be officially unveiled at the two main venues of Zhongshan Ancient Town People's Square and Dengdu Ecological Wetland Park until the end of 28.

In order to enhance the participation of all the people in the festival, the organizers will continue to hold the second creative lighting sketch design and production competition last year. The conference hall extended to the newly built central Riverside Park, main roads and main lighting stores in the town. (Here- Guangdong really beautiful lighting exhibition area)


2018 China Light capital (ancient town) International Lighting Culture Festival Creative Lighting Design Competition

Take a look at the inventory

Look at one: the large lighting model is striking.

People's Square Scenic Spots adopt high-tech dome 3D projection technology, light carving technology, crystal elements, lighting dyeing, laser, fog effect, sound fusion, innovative to create a "bright light", "Dream of Rome Column" and other grand lighting modeling, visitors can enter the scenic spots feel the wonderful lighting atmosphere, and in The interaction between large space structure and technology lighting is carried out.


Lighting Culture Festival: dream Rome column

Lighting attractions such as "forest fairy tales", "light of the North Lake", "light and shadow corridor" and "tree scenery and shadow" in Dengdu Eco-Wetland Park perfectly combine natural scenery with lighting art, and show the charm and vitality of the town in the bright and dark.


Light Culture Festival: Forest Fairy Tales


Lighting Culture Festival: light and shadow promenade

The Su Bingtian Runway, an interacting attraction in the Central Riverside Park, will also show off its cool performance. The runway uses the Asian Championship achievement of Su Bingtian, an ancient town flyer, as the speed of light change - 9.92 seconds. Visitors can experience the running speed and fighting spirit of the Asian flying people in the light and sound effects changes.


Lighting Culture Festival: Su Ping Tian runway

Two point: 3D screen curtains upgrade again brilliant

Built in 2017, the large-scale feature spot 3D curtain fountain, has the reputation of "South China's most scientific and technological water lighting show". The attraction combines elements such as fountains, water curtains, lasers, naked-eye 3D animation effects with music and dance performances with national cultural characteristics, giving light and water new vitality and creating a visual and auditory feast with visual and auditory impact. This year's Lighting Culture Festival will blend more sound, light and electricity elements to re-arrange the 3D curtain fountain, wonderful and upgrade.


Light Culture Festival: the light of North Lake

Three: lights, color boats, new appearance, full of cultural charm.

This year's Lighting Culture Festival pays more attention to the integration of science and technology and culture, and innovatively upgrades the previous year's color car parade into a color boat parade. The town government, village committees and enterprises will jointly build six light colored boats to be displayed in the central riverside Wetland Park (north of Shagu Highway) at this year's lighting festival. This is another innovative measure to display the cultural charm of Lighting Capital with new carriers and forms, following the national intangible cultural heritage "Six Squares Yunlong Dance" and the ancient town characteristic "Lotus Dragon Dance" and other folk cultures wearing new clothes of lighting technology.


Light Cultural Festival attractions: Riverside Wetland Park

Four: temple fair Carnival

The 4th Lighting Culture Festival upgrades the previous concert in the sandy land to a cultural temple fair, which combines the four elements of art performance, competition, Food Festival and cultural fair to provide high-quality interactive entertainment for tourists and create a cheerful and enthusiastic cultural carnival. After the festival's visual and sensory enjoyment, the audience returned to the carnival area to enjoy themselves. This is also the project of cultural, tourism and industrial integration.


Lighting Culture Festival attractions: south gate entrance right tree landscape

Five: Lighting originality, novelty and novelty

In order to further enhance the participation of the whole people in the festival and stimulate the innovation of the whole people, the organizers will continue to hold the second creative lighting sketch design and production contest this year. The contest received more than 100 entries from all over the country, which were evaluated by the expert group and 79 entries were selected. Seventy-nine creative lighting sketches will be displayed in the Lantern Capital Eco-Wetland Park and the Plaza B.C., bringing new and interesting visual experiences to the audience.

Beautiful and finalist lighting



This is for you.

Good friends in the eyes, after the opening ceremony of No. 22.

Find pictures for Xiaobian

Xiaobian, please eat, watch movies, go shopping, date, give gifts or whatever.

I believe that fate is born.

From the People's Square to the Eco-Park, from the Eco-Park to the Riverside Coastal Park, 2018 is the fourth time Zhongshan Ancient Town has held a light sketch show, gathering "mass power" to experience the light feast, Guangdong is really beautiful and follows the pace of charming lighting show, around the unique lighting culture of the town as the main line, to build scenery, lighting should be. Using, lighting combination, technological elements and other forms, fully reflects the "lighting art", "visual art", "technological interaction" and other creative elements, in order to bring more creative and aesthetic lighting works to the public for each display.

As the highlight of this year's Lighting Culture Festival, the second creative lighting sketch design and production contest of the selected works enterprises - Guangdong is really beautiful, sketch landscape lights have been put into construction.

It's beautiful to be finished - start at once!


Wait a moment

And the heavy material


A most influential lighting ceremony

Hongkong Autumn International Lighting Exhibition

Be there!


HALL :10-C20

ADD:Victoria Harbour Asia International Exposition, Hongkong


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