High pole lamp

The lamp body can be made of high quality steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials.

Imported light transmittance materials PC, PE, PO, PMMA, safety toughened glass, etc.

The 60 type aluminum profile is corrosion resistant by surface oxidation treatment and has long service life.

LED light source shell added aluminum cooling section radiator

Light source description:

The light source can adopt metal halide lamp, sodium lamp, T5, energy saving lamp and LED lamp.

LED light source shell with aluminum cooling section radiator to help express heat dissipation, improve the service life of the light source and light efficiency

Raw materials of famous steel works, raw materials of Anshan Iron and steel works

The fittings are made of stainless steel Latin links, beautiful and easy to maintain.

Lightning protector for power supply of street lamps

Foundation bolts (cost more than 100)

Lamp holder

High density die cast aluminum

Lamp pole

Aluminum and stainless steel

Light source configuration

Metal halide lamp, sodium lamp, T5, energy saving lamp, LED


Injection PC lampshade


High density die cast aluminu

A fastening

Stainless steel external screws, nuts

Protection grade


surface treatment

Anti ultraviolet, electrostatic spray, antiseptic, alkali and acid proof.



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